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Revamp in Progress

2013-01-22 15:15:57 by Tarantulakid96

Well hey there guys. Remember that time when I said I'd redesign my website? Well, that's in the works now. :D There's nothing to see yet though... literally. The site is down until I finish the revamp. :3

However, once it is done, you'll notice some new things... mainly two new pages, Projects and Fan Base. Now you're probably thinking, "Well them sounds cool bruh, but what's on 'em?". Well, to answer your question, they are going to be for you guys. That's right, O faic. The Projects page will help keep you up to date on the stuff I'm working on, which will also help me keep track of unfinished stuff. From there you will be able to find a nice list of W.I.P.s, along with an estimated progress of completion. If I release any sneak peeks, they'll be there.

The Fan Base page is all for you guys. There I'll have a bunch of goodies, mainly so that you guys visit more often. :3 I'll have message boards, shout walls, feeds, galleries, and I'll try and see if I can get polls up too, because those were really helpful on deviantart when I was a one-month member. Now I don't have them anymore. Of course, on this page you'll also be able to send me art requests, which I can accept or deny. This, again, will keep me more organised and less likely to forget that you wanted me to draw you something.

So yea, this new stuff will take some time, but it'll be great. Oh, and I'm also revamping my logos and avatars as well, which are going great so far. Here's a peek, enjoy it, and PEACE OUT.

Revamp in Progress


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2013-02-02 13:45:32

im leaving ng fore ever because of all the trouble i caused with a prank goodbye! T_T

Tarantulakid96 responds:

Lolreally? Okey then, suit yourself. Although I wouldn't be surprised if this was a prank in itself. :3


2013-02-01 15:51:33

so what'r you gonna do bout it?


2013-02-01 13:04:43

hello im jjjkuk and i have hacked this douche's account.

Tarantulakid96 responds:



2013-01-30 12:03:05

it actully was :3 anyways point is i cant fix the sound what do i do?


2013-01-29 17:01:09

k ill fix that but i dunno how to get the sound on sync i dont know how to do any of that also heres a pic made by a artist it is not porn xD xy-pikachu

Tarantulakid96 responds:

Wow, you're right. It's actually 'ERROR The page you requested could not be found.'



2013-01-29 11:31:30

is this any good? P.S. its not porn just a little flash movie i made. href=" 6c344f07586e7a08bde189"

Tarantulakid96 responds:

Not bad, although it's a little jittery and the sound is off-sync.


2013-01-28 20:32:37

xD sorry. my brain spazzed i made a few pics on my page go check dem out.


2013-01-27 16:44:25

i thing dis is worth sharing go here xy-pikachu

Tarantulakid96 responds:

Aw man, don't go posting pr0ns on my page, bruh.


2013-01-23 07:27:27

Sounds awesome :D


2013-01-23 04:16:30

looks nice, bro